Sunday, March 19, 2006

DINNER: Asparagus, Yellow Peppers and Tomatoes

MY COOKING IS GENERALLY GOVERNED by instinct, not by recipe. And more often than not, is dictated by what leftovers I have and what random stuff I have in my kitchen cabinets and the necessity to use up what was once fresh food before it spoils.

So last night, I realized that I needed use up some salad greens, some asparagus that was cooked earlier in the week and a yellow pepper that had been purchased nearly a week earlier.

The result, photo here:

You need ...
A half a bunch of precooked asparagus
One yellow pepper, chopped to your liking
One can of diced tomatoes with basil

Throw the uncooked yellow pepper in a wok, stir fry for a few minutes. Then throw the rest in. Add a generous dash of tarragon. Serve on a plate and if you want, add some Bulgarian feta on the side. Eat.

I served it with salad greens with yellow pepper, Bulgarian feta, dill dressed with olive oil and rice vinegar.


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