Sunday, March 12, 2006

MCLEAN GARDENS: Philosophers vs. Comics

THE SIDEWALK PATIO at the Starbucks on Wisconsin Avenue near Idaho Avenue in McLean Gardens isn't that bad of a place to enjoy a cup of coffee and read the Sunday paper. I was doing that this morning when I observed the following interaction. It's not quite verbatim, but pretty close.

Man A (Man on Sidewalk): "Oh, that's a great dog."
Man B (Dog Owner on Sidewalk Patio): "Yeah, he's a good dog."
Man A: "What's his name?"
Man B: "Oh, Hobbes."
Man A (petting dog): "Oh philosophers, they make great pet names!"
Man B (somewhat offended): "You think that I would name my dog after a philosopher?"
Man A: "Ahhh ..."
Man B: "He's named for the greated comic strip ever, Calvin and Hobbes!"

Man A makes some joke about philosophy that didn't make sense, but Man B laughed and calmed down and became more friendly.

Man A: "What's your next dog's name? Immanuel Kant?"
Man B: "No, Hagel!"

Man A and B laugh together. All is good, sidewalk relations are back in balance. Man A makes his way into Starbucks.


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