Wednesday, March 15, 2006

BLOGGING: A Smoldering Fire Flares Up

OH WHAT ARE WE TO DO WITH JESSICA CUTLER? The antics of the former staff assistant (she's the on the right, with Ana Marie Cox during happier times) for Ohio Sen. Mike DeWine-turned-Washingtonienne sex blogger-turned-“Washingtonienne” author are all quite entertaining. But this being the Ides of March and all, there must be something looming on the horizon. And that would be HBO’s planned Washingtonienne-inspired series, produced by Sarah Jessica Parker and also, today’s cat fight between Wonkette (the website that launched Cutler’s career) and Cutler.

Wonkette, fires the first volley at Washingtonienne’s television future in a conversation with an “operative” via AIM:
operative: hey, if it keeps her off the streets….
wonkette: obviously, i just wanted someone else to share my pain
operative: also: America needs to know that lobbyists are not, in fact, the lowest form of Washington life
wonkette: clearly. if they were, there would be sitcoms about them.
operative: also: as if flyover country needed more proof that DC is an amoral wasteland
Cutler returns fire, targeting Wonkette’s editor emeritus, Ana Marie Cox, and her novel “Dog Days,” in a similar fashion:
operative: you should write that dog days is going to be made into a tv show
operative: "this makes 2 series about jessica cutler"
Jessica: hee
operative: ooh let's go subtle
operative: have an interview with ana marie cox
operative: and have the normal questions
operative: and then slip in "was it hard for you, as a married woman, to write a character who is single and seeking a relationship with a tv anchor?"
I love a good blog war. And the animosity here runs deep.
>>Oh, Look, It’s the Ides of March: Jessica Cutler’s TV Show” [Wonkette]
>>A Girl After Our Own Wonkette” [Jessica Cutler Online]


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