Friday, April 13, 2007

We Interrupt This Interruption

BROOKLYN, N.Y. — A come back for The Washington Oculus? At least for one post ... Ever since launched nearly a year ago, my blogging here decreased significantly. It seems that vacations or trips to Michigan for the holidays are the only time that I get to blog. And here I find myself Brooklyn, on a three-day weekend of sorts. I'm a frequent visitor to New York, and it seems that when my schedule is free, I can get a lot of writing done here. Tonight, I'm out in Bushwick on a street where there's a non-descript man/woman/thing with a bow of a ship ensnared in its hair not too far away and I thought it'd be good to inject some life into my long-neglected personal blog, if only for a moment or two.

While this blog is generally dormant, it still attracts random Google hits. So if you're new here, or have randomly stumbled upon it, and don't know who I am, please take a moment to go over the About page. The Washington Oculus was founded under a different URL in fall 2003. It switched to its current template a few months later. It's a template any regular blog reader would recognize from 2004. The blogroll dates to that time period too. So this is sort of like a random time machine.

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