Sunday, March 21, 2010

UPDATE: 7 Days Later, DDOT Is 'Researching' Errant Route 29 Signs

A WEEK AGO, I decided to test the social media responsiveness of the District Department of Transportation related to what should be an easy task for the D.C. government: Remove some errant signs at Dupont Circle that suggest that Route 29 travels through the area via New Hampshire Avenue. In fact, Route 29 had been rerouted years ago via Georgia and Rhode Island avenues and 11th and K streets NW. For all the background, click here.

Immediately once I tweeted a request to DDOT to remove the signs, I received word from the agency that my request was "interesting" and that it was being looked into.

So where do things stand now? After I inquired again last week Wednesday, I received an update via a Twitter direct message: "We're researching the signs."

I'm not sure what depth of research this issue requires to determine that Route 29 doesn't go through Dupont Circle. Click here, or here, or here. (Look for the Route 29 shields on adjacent roadways that are not New Hampshire Avenue.)

So seven days later, the signs are still posted. Rest assured, I will be watching this issue as it develop and remain a champion for wayward travelers trying to make their way between Virginia and Maryland via Route 29 through the District.

Postscript: Oh yes, Metro: You also have Route 29 going though Dupont Circle on some neighborhood maps posted in stations. One agency at a time, I suppose ...

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At 5:25 PM, Blogger IMGoph said...

i'm posting this to the roadgeek listserv. guaranteed you'll get a response.

At 6:37 PM, Blogger Brian J. Larkin said...

You might recommend that DCDOT check with Google Maps on route 29 in the District.

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