Friday, August 20, 2004

FROM THE EDITOR: Coming Monday

Friends, Romans, Countrymen ...

Starting Monday, I will be editing, the latest metro blog from the folks at Gothamist. I will be co-editing the site with an old comrade-in-arms, Rob Goodspeed, who I once fired from The Michigan Daily's editorial board for his side-activism activities. Rob made quite a name for himself in Ann Arbor exposing sectarian Trotskyites in Detroit and reporting on a whole host of matters on his old blog, the Goodspeed Update. Now we're teaming up to bring everything D.C. (the city, not the politics) to a wider audience and I hope you come along. DCist will be in a public beta testing period for the rest of the month and will launch formally next month.

As for the Oculus, like I've indicated, it will fade away, sort of. I'm planning on setting up a photoblog by the end of the month that will supplement my DCist editing repertoire. Tune into DCist for more on that in the weeks to come.

Thanks for reading. Be well.