Wednesday, July 14, 2004

FROM THE EDITOR: Calling All Bloggers and Others

Bloggers, United. The Oculus has been in talks with some other blogosphere cohorts who are interested in rounding up a handful of committed bloggers who want to contribute to a better organized, more comprehensive site dedicated to the District of Columbia and its environs. National politics, of course, would be left to the countless policy wonks. (We're looking at you, Matt Yglesias.)

If you fit the non-wonk blogger profile, e-mail the Oculus at oculus [at] fastmail [dot] fm.

Pub Crawl. Mark Saturday, July 24 on your calendar. That is the date of the first-ever 90-30 pub crawl. More details will come later this week and next, but join the Oculus and Co. on a grand tour of the city. Starting on Eighth Street in Southeast, the tour will bar hop from Barracks Row to U Street to environs west of Rock Creek Park, all using the 90 and 30 bus lines. It's a challenge, but one that must be done. (While this has been an idea of mine for quite some time, I must credit DCSOB for reminding me of the 90/Party Express bus line idea.) And it will be associated with my birthday. Yeah, I'm going to be a quarter-century old.


At 9:46 AM, Blogger THeath said...

I'm interested. I'm a local, D.C. blogger. I haven't blogged much about D.C., but that doesn't mean I can't. I'm interested in having more opportunities to write. You can check out my blog or drop me an email.


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