Monday, July 12, 2004

BUSH TWINS: Smith Point? In a Sign of Maturity, Jenna Resurfaces at Low-Key Georgetown Locale

Ana Marie Cox's report of Jenna Bush's social outing this weekend to Georgetown surprised the Oculus and others. After months and months and months and months of being absent from the Washington social scene, Cox reports that Ms. Bush was seen at Smith Point, the discreet but tony cellar bar on Wisconsin Avenue.

Ms. Bush's appearance that day came the same day as The Washington Times' front page feature photo of the president and daughter walking together -- her outfit suspiciously matching the color of The Washington Times' new "Brighter, Bolder" campaign on distribution boxes.

The Oculus is convinced that Ms. Bush's social outing is a sign that the Bush twins are getting ready to re-enter the Washingtonian social scene, just in time for campaign season. Gentlemen, gossip columnists, start your engines.

From Wonkette:
Jenna Bush was seen on Saturday night between 12:15 – 2:15 AM at Smith Point in Georgetown (where, ahem, you must be on a “guest list” to enter – puke). [Her] hair [was] cutely pulled back in a pony tail, swapping a little spit with a shaggy college looking student. Jenna kept slurping down the drinks, smoking cigarettes and stood in the corner with Shaggy for a good 10 minutes – little groping action - before sitting down at a table with her friends. Jenna was seen adding Shaggy’s number into her cell phone as well as entering a few of the surrounding ladies' numbers.

Coincidentally, the Oculus was at Stetson's Saturday night the evening Ms. Bush was across town in Georgetown. If you remember correctly, Stetson's was one of the bars where the Bush twins were caught underage. has an interesting account of investigating the Stetson's incident.
I was in Washington DC and went to Stetsons' Bar last night. I asked the doorman, "Hi I am from out of town, were you working here when Jenna and Barbara Bush came in?"
The Stetson hat wearing doorguy replied, "No, but they came by and had dinner here once."
Inside, I asked the bar guy the same question. He replied, "No, I got hired because of that! They got a couple of MIPs (Minors In Possession) and the Manager and a bunch of staff got fired." Apparently, a bunch of staff got canned, and the word on the street is because of laxness toward minors.

The Oculus can say that the Texas-themed bar is not lax on checking IDs these days. And to add to the partisan flavor of one of the Bush twin's least favorite D.C. watering holes, Saturday's doorman was reading Peggy Noonan's "The Case Against Hillary Clinton."


At 2:32 PM, Blogger The Bull said...

I was talking with a guy the other night who insists that Stetson's recent decline is linked to the Bush Twins arrest there. I had assumed that spillover from the annoyingly trendy and popular Local 16 was responsible for the higher prices and denser and more upscale crowd Stetson's now draws. My friend insists that the place went to hell after the Twins were busted. The low-key owner and half the staff were sacked, pitchers increased from $5 to $11, and the publicity drew a larger and different crowd.


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