Friday, July 09, 2004

DINING: D.C. Democratic Foodies Complaining About Restaurant Week Timing

I've heard that many Democrats in the city are less than pleased over the timing of this summer's Restaurant Week. The week of reduced-price lunch and dinner offerings at some of the city's best restaurants has been scheduled for the week of the Democratic National Convention in Boston.

Restaurant Week is the time when cost-mindful foodies run from restaurant to restaurant, sampling what chefs around town can throw together on a reduced budget.

The eGullet food forum's "frogprince" says: "[A]s a member of the industry, i realize the inherent difficulty in charging 20 or 30 bucks for a three course meal and still serving quality and beauty; good things cost more money; pristine ingredients and preparation demand pecuniary provisions that can stretch into the stratosphere."

And that is a regular complaint about restaurant week. Some restaurants go all out, others could really care less. And to the wait staffs, Restaurant Week means a overworked week of low tips, which can often reflect in courtesy and service.


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