Monday, July 05, 2004

MUSEUMS: Gopnikesque Gelato Gluttony

The Washington Post's top art critic, Blake Gopnik, celebrates the assortment of flavors of gelato at the National Gallery of Art. Screw the art upstairs, Gopnik says the gelato is a must for any visitor.

And in true Gopnikesque fashion, exploring the qualities of the gelato offerings is just as stimulating as examining the techniques Titian used in the portrait of Ranuccio Farnese.

From The Washington Post's Blake Gopnik:
First, vanilla -- the primed "canvas," as it were, behind many works of frozen art. The National Gallery's version was much softer, smoother, more voluptuous than any American ice cream could be -- it had none of the hard edges of a Norman Rockwell-style scoop, or his excess of sweetness and fat.

"Warhol's Soup Cans? Bleh. Show Us the Gelato."
[The Washington Post]


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