Thursday, July 08, 2004

DRINKING: Choose DC-9's Canned Beer Offering (And PBR Is Not on the List)

The Ninth Street Northwest bar/club DC-9 is advertising a contest to determine what canned beer the establishment will offer. And they want you to help choose it.

The hipster beer of choice, Pabst Blue Ribbon is not on the list you can choose from. Perhaps it is too cool. But here are the possible cans that could show up at the new eastern U Street corridor/Westminster nightspot:

Keystone Light
Iron City
Natural Light
Miller High Life

As of Thursday afternoon, it appears that it is a battle between Schlitz and Iron City for the top prize.

If it comes down to one of those two, I know of one New York Times reporter and a Capitol Hill staffer -- both Schlitz and Iron City aficionados -- who will make an evening of drinking the bar out of its shabby-chic beer selection. In fact, the duo and their cohorts have done this at the Brickskeller in the Oculus' presence. And they have done it during other pub crawls. The Brickskeller crew is always pleased with their beer-can pyramid constructions but it is unclear whether DC-9 will appreciate their beer-drinking endeavors. The Oculus challenges them to try nonetheless.


At 10:34 AM, Blogger The Bull said...

to be fair, we didn't really like the Iron City. It's just all that was left after we drank all the Pabst and Schlitz.
And the Brick's management took a picture of our beerymid that night that I've never been able to get ahold of.

At 9:26 PM, Blogger kim said...

Mmmmh. Schlitz. There used to be a Schlitz Octoberfest that made even the Belgian abbey brewers jealous. I haven't seen it for a while, though.

I've been meaning to check out some of the joints on U St for a while. After this, I'll start with DC-9.


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