Monday, July 12, 2004

CRIME: Things Can't Be That Bad

While why.i.hate.dc may beg to differ, the crime rates in D.C. don't look that bad in comparison to what can happen in my homestate, Michigan.

From the Detroit Free Press:
Ten people were shot in an eight-hour period during the weekend in Detroit -- a number that police said was not excessive. One teen was dead. One other person was stabbed in the same time frame.

Last Monday, five people were killed in Detroit in a six-hour span.

The violent weekend began Friday evening when a 14-year-old allegedly used a rifle to kill a mentally-impaired man after an argument.

Keep in mind, this all has happened after nine people were shot at the June 24 Freedom Festival fireworks.

"10 are shot in 8 hours in city" [Detroit Free Press]


At 5:21 PM, Blogger James F said...

Oh sure, *anybody* looks good compared to Detroit. Heh.

Seriously, I've never been to Detroit, but it seems to have some of the same economic and crime problems as D.C. So somebody clearly needs to invent RoboCop. Like, stat. (I've noticed that whenever my wife ranks the most "distressed cities" as part of her research, Flint and Detroit are always #1 and #2.)

Meanwhile, murders are way down in D.C. this year, and the cops appear to be better organized in preventing it. That "crime emergency" Ramsey declared late last year may have helped as well. Now, how about bringing in the serial arsonist and those bank robbers...


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