Sunday, July 11, 2004

BASEBALL: Quest to Lure Expos Marking Subtle Regional Divisions

The quest to lure the Montreal Expos to the Washington area has been highlighting divisions between the District of Columbia and Virginia for their respective bids. The Post dives deep into the cross-Potomac rivalry.

From The Washington Post's Michael Laris and Lori Montgomery:
At play are not only different financing packages, surroundings and business models but also, for some, conflicting worldviews. In the District, many people openly mock the idea of a stadium near Dulles International Airport, which they view as the outer end of one of the most congested traffic corridors in the region. And in Loudoun County, where officials are careful not to directly deride the District, they nonetheless tout the wealth and population of the suburbs.

"Washington's Major League Divide" [The Washington Post]


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