Monday, July 12, 2004

BASEBALL: Montgomery County Official Says Old Dominion Is 'Dissing' D.C., Maryland

Adding to cross-Potomac baseball tensions, it appears that Montgomery County may go on record as supporting the District's bid to bring the Montreal Expos to D.C. over Northern Virginia's bid to draw the beleaguered team to a field near Dulles Airport.

The Associated Press reports that a GOP county councilman, Howard Denis, is pushing the county council to take action on his resolution on Tuesday.

"Nothing against Loudoun County (Virginia), but that's just too far away," said Denis. "Moreover, the way they're talking they don't even seem to want us. They seem to be completely ... dissing I think, not only the nation's capital but Montgomery County, saying that they could draw their fan base totally from northern Virginia."

"Md. Legislation for D.C. Baseball" [AP via WTOP]

"Quest to Lure Expos Marking Subtle Regional Divisions" [Oculus]


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