Tuesday, July 13, 2004

OENOPHILIA: Enjoying Wine, Half-Off

One positive aspect to the economic downturn has been that restaurants have been having a difficult time attracting customers. (Bad for the proprietor, good for the customer ...)While the D.C. economy is semi-isolated from such downturns, restaurants still must find novel ways to attract diners. And wine has been one way to lure them in.

The New York Times, in Wednesday's Dining section, notes that establishments have been either slashing their normal mark-up or offering half-price bottle nights. And District restaurants have been no stranger to this great deal as well.

The Oculus and Co. enjoyed some great bottles at Clyde's in Georgetown Sunday night, all at half discount. For five friends, you can often get four or five $30-$50 bottles for roughly $20 per person. The math works out something close to that. I think our discount was around $100. Regardless, it is a great deal to take advantage of.

You can find the Oculus at Chef Geoff's the last Monday of every month. Their wine list, is among the best in the city, and at half-off, it goes without saying that Chef Geoff's the best Monday night special in town. (Their $5 Downtown burger special is great too.) Maybe you'll run into NBC's Norah O'Donnell there, as her husband, Geoff Tracy, is Chef Geoff. The Oculus has also seen Republican National Committee Chairman Ed Gillespie there, though he was enjoying a domestic bottle at the bar with an RNC aide.

Want to Be a Wino? Here's a Quick List on Where to Take Advantage of Half-Price Wine in the District. (A debt of gratitude is owed to the Oculus' wine spy for cluing me into all of this ...)

Cafe Deluxe:
Monday, half-price bottles
3228 Wisconsin Ave., NW
(202) 686-2233

Chef Geoff's:
Last Monday of every month, half-price bottles
(Wesley Heights location) 3201 New Mexico Ave., NW
(202) 237-7800
(Downtown location) 13th Street Northwest between E and F streets
(202) 464-4461

Tuesdays, half-price bottles
730 11th St., NW
(202) 393-0975

Little Fountain Cafe:
Wednesday, half-price bottles
2339 18th St., NW
(202) 462-8100

Clyde's Georgetown:
Sunday, half-price bottles
3236 M St., NW
(202) 333-9180

New Heights:
While Woodley Park's New Heights doesn't offer a half-price bottle night, this summer they have been offering a $38 three-course prix fixe option that includes three glasses of wine.
2317 Calvert St., NW
(202) 234-4110

Sam and Harry's:
Weekends, half-price bottle for the rest of the summer
1200 19th St., NW
(202) 296-4333

There are other places, of course. It's always a good reward and an excellent way to explore the world of good wine.

"Once Out of Reach, Now Today's Special" [The New York Times]


At 12:07 PM, Blogger Luke said...

Even better is Tuesdays at Tonic in Mt. Pleasant. If you get two entrees you get a bottle of the house wine...

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