Sunday, December 11, 2005

WEEKEND: Busy Beyond Belief

AS YOU MIGHT HAVE NOTICED, I haven't put up a post in many days. Sorry about that. You all deserve better, but even the most clever multi-tasker can only do so much.

To sum up the past few days ... Had lunch at Dino ... Ventured up to the Palisades on Friday to check in on my great aunt (who had some minor surgery last week) and set up her Christmas tree ... Christmas party on Friday at the Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center ... drinks at the Brickskeller where I discovered they carry (and had in stock) Kostritzer black lager, which they have on tap at Saloon on U Street ... lunch with my sister across the river ... was rescued from a self-imposed Saturday evening writing session by Information Leafblower ... we ended up meeting up with Seeking Irony and tried to go bowling at the new Lucky Strike but it was too crowded (and that wasn't our original intent; Voxtrot's van broke down in Massachusetts so their show at Warehouse Next Door was scuttled) ... then we tried going to Fado for a pint, which was too crowded ... then ended up at RFD on a couch watching bull riding on ESPN-2. Did you know there's a bull out there called Featherlite J-Lo? Well ... like Jennifer Lopez, the bull was feisty, throwing off the foolish rider with ease ... and a Woodley Park brunch at the llama house ...

(That sounds like a packed weekend, but indeed, I was writing away and working on stuff ... but stuff that's not for this blog. I'll try to send some goodness your way this week.)


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