Wednesday, November 30, 2005

PM LINKS: Odds 'N' Ends

1.) I'M NOT SURE WHY, but I've always been a sucker for down-the-staircase photos, as seen above. Nice work, DCJohn.

>> "Staircase" [Prod and Ponder]

2.) WOW, WHO KNEW WORDS AND PHRASES CAN CATER TO AN ELITE AUDIENCE? Via Curbed, Gawker and others, a certain real estate advertisement in the back of The New York Times Magazine for One Carnagie Hill in Manhattan is getting quite a bit of attention. And Copyranter reads between the lines.

>> "CLEARLY defining your target audience" [Copyranter]
>> "How Do You Get to Carnegie Hill? Practice, Practice, Practice (Being an Asshole)" [Curbed]
>> "An Upper East Side Life, the Flip Side" [Gawker]

3.) I DON'T WATCH "LOST." Or much television for that matter. Strike me down, I'm prepared to face my fate. Fortunately, if I were to try to jump into the must-watch ABC series, all I need to do is read this:

From Papermag:
OK, they're trapped on an island. Big deal. Why do I care?

Because this island is crazy! First of all there may or may not be a monster on it. Secondly, we just found out that the island is a science experiment gone wrong. ... Finally, there is a group of "others" on the island that have kidnapped survivors of the crash and killed other island-dwellers. They are scary and some don't wear shoes.
This is why I don't like to fly. I may have to deal with living on an island with scary people, some who don't have proper footware ...

>> "Lost for the Lost" [Papermag via Daily Refill via Information Leafblower]

4.) YOU MAY REMEMBER that before Thanksgiving, I mentioned that the play of one of my old high school classmates, Noah Haidle, got a tepid review on the cover of The New York Times' Arts section. Well the New Yorker has given "Mr. Marmalade" a much better review.

>> "Bleak House" [New Yorker]


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