Tuesday, November 29, 2005

MEDIA: Eye Level and Post Mashup

IT SEEMS THAT GOING AWAY FOR THANKSGIVING can cause problems keeping up in the blog world. So with that, I'd like to point you to two new media developments that 1.) have been reported elsewhere or 2.) were buried in my inbox. (Thanks DCist for the former, Kriston Capps for the latter.)

1.) The Washington Post Co., always very much forward-looking in the online media world, (Disclosure: I am an employee of The Washington Post Co.), has recently launched Post Remix, its official "mashup center." To those who don't know what a mashup is, the Post describes it as a place that spotlights "projects that independent Web developers have made with Post content." For instance, take a look at this News Cloud using Post content. Or Ted Gilchrist's Botcast Network, which will process Post article feeds through text-to-speech software so you can listen to Post articles instead of reading content.

I'm excited to see what the Adrian Holovaty, an "editorial innovator" for the Post digs up for Remix. When DCist learned of Post Remix, it "feared this would be one of those desperate, cringe-inducing attempts at modernity, akin to your mother casually saying "bling bling.'" Rest assured, Mr. Holovaty is very much keyed into editorial innovations. After all, he did pioneer Google mapping technologies for ChicagoCrime.org among other cool projects.

2.) Then Grammar.police's Kriston Capps makes his Smithsonian blogging debut at Eye Level, the blog for the Smithsonian American Art Museum.
Over the long term, Eye Level will look at both art and museums, offering the kind of close examination that new media affords, in part simply to find out how new media can enhance the museum's role.
Kudos to Kriston and the Smithsonian.


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