Tuesday, November 29, 2005

ON THE ROAD: Odds 'N' Ends

GREETINGS EVERYONE. I am back in the nation's capital safe and sound, after a record-shattering 10-hour road trip from Michigan to the District. I have a lot of stuff to catch up with, so this will be brief.

- MY PERSONAL COMPUTER is having issues and refuses to cooperate with me, so my posting frequency may decrease as I figure out what my course of action is.

In the meantime, I have some photos from Yesterdog posted on Flickr.

- NOW THAT IT IS THE HOLIDAY SEASON, I must wonder after coming across numerous all-Christmas-music, all-the-time radio stations, what happens to those stations in the off season? Do easy listening stations with names like "The River" just switch over, or are those Christmas frequencies just dormant for the rest of the year?

- DRIVING UP 24TH STREET near Connecticut Avenue last night, I noticed that one of WMATA's problematic Orion II buses for the No. 98/Adams Morgan-U Street Link was broken. This came just a few hours after passing through suburban Cleveland on the Ohio Turnpike where on private property adjacent to the highway's right-of-way there was a stripped down Orion II bus for sale. The squeaky Orion II bus' days must be numbered.

- SO WHAT DO YOU LISTEN TO when you are driving with a sometimes particular octogenarian? Well my great aunt appreciated me digging out the soundtracks from "L.A. Confidential" and "Swingers." If you ever find yourself in the same situation, consider those options. If you have access to a DVD player for your car, "A Philadelphia Story" would make for a good movie too.


At 11:33 PM, Blogger Drew said...

I've ranted about this in the past, but in general, stations just chang their format to an All-Christmas playlist for the period between Thanksgiving and Christmas. WASH-FM is the D.C. station that changes over from its normal adult contemporary lineup to all X-Mas, all the time.

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