Tuesday, September 20, 2005

MEDIA: My Quest to Correct the Record

I sent a second e-mail to letters@thehill.com today in my quest to have The Hill newspaper correct its claim in a report from last week that yours truly is editor of the Washington Examiner. I first requested a correction in an e-mail on Sunday. On Monday, there was no response. Earlier today, I sent another e-mail to The Hill, as a second attempt. There was no response during the day. So tomorrow, if there isn't a response, I will call The Hill and ask whether anyone checks letters@thehill.com. Conventional wisdom dictates that the Letters to the Editor e-mail is checked on a regular basis and valid inquiries responded to.

Now, I do not live, nor work, where there is a distribution point for The Hill. So theoretically, The Hill could have corrected the record in the print edition, but I would not have known that. But in my requests, I have requested that the error be corrected online. As of yet, the error has not been corrected. And my Internet record will reflect my supposed Examiner affiliation for the foreseeable future confusing Internet sleuths in the years to come.

Will The Hill wash away my request for a clarification of the record like their forgotten scribes Dick Carlson and Peter Regardie ... fka The Shadow?

We shall see tomorrow.


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