Tuesday, September 20, 2005

NEW YORK: Is That a Sinister Floating Island?

Via Curbed, it looks likes the 10-day debate at the 60th session of the United Nations may have stopped a floating island (that doubles as an art project from Robert Smithson) making its way past the United Nations, which sits on the East River.

Towelrod has more photos (including the one above) of "Floating Island," which was supposed to sail around the island of Manhattan but had an updated sailing schedule on Monday that avoided the United Nations headquarters.

I wonder if Defense Department authorities would allow a floating island on the Potomac to sail past the Pentagon? Remember during the Civil War, the Lincoln administration was very concerned that the CSS Merrimack, the first ironclad ship, would sail up the Potomac and shell the White House. The floating island in New York looks more like the Brooklyn Navy Yard-constructed USS Monitor (just with trees), but you get the point.

Low-profile sailing vessels = danger.

Battle of Hampton Roads image from NOAA


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