Tuesday, September 20, 2005

DAILY MUESLI: Rita, Oil and Adam Carolla

Good morning. As you may know, Hurricane Rita is moving through the Florida Straits and is taking aim at the Texas coast (check out weather.com for the latest). If the port of Houston and/or the greater oil refining capacity of the Galveston Bay region are shut down by a large storm (or Houston taken to its knees in Katrinaesque fashion) prepare to batten down the financial hatches. Crude spiked more than $4 a barrel on Monday.

"It looks like the US refining industry may be caught with its pants down, as it is only just recovering from Katrina, and now it potentially faces another hurricane threat," a London-based oil trader tells the Financial Times.

If you live in a home that will depend on heating oil this winter, start saving your nickels and dimes. It's going to hurt.

1.) Last night, both "The Daily Show With Jon Stewart" and "Too Late With Adam Carolla" were not new episodes. As for the latter, I didn't shed a tear for being deprived of fresh content from Mr. Carolla. When "The Man Show" made its Comedy Central debut back in 1999, I though that the material would become very stale, very quickly and the show would not be renewed. But the show has endured for years and has languished, as has Mr. Carolla's career.

Ever wonder what Adam Carolla's like at dinner at a Hungarian restaurant in Los Angeles? From My Other Blog Is a Trans-Am:
His voice is actually more grating and cartoonish in person, and his friends are really racist.
There you have it.

2.) I'm still waiting for a response from The Hill newspaper, which in an article last week claimed that I am "Washington Examiner editor." If anyone who may read The Hill does spot a correction in the print edition, please let me know. So far, a request e-mailed Sunday to have the error corrected online has not been responded to.

3.) Seeking Irony has had really bad luck with the L2 buses on Connecticut Avenue. She recounts getting in touch with WMATA customer service to get to the bottom of the lack of buses and it is all quite interesting, if not maddeningly frustrating. Please be aware that supplemental holiday service for the L2 and L4 will change on Sept. 25.


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