Friday, July 16, 2004

COMMUTING: Do People 'Skell' in D.C.?

The Oculus was intrigued by a report in Gothamist saying that a so-called "skell" assaulted a MTA token booth clerk (with liquid fire) after being reprimanded for selling subway swipes.

From Gothamist:
And in other subway news, a token clerk told a man selling subway swipes at the West 23rd Street 1/9 station that selling swipes was illegal. The "skell," as the Post called the criminal, walked over to the token booth, poured something through the little slot where you give money and get your MetroCard, and lit the liquid on fire. Luckily, the booth had a "fire suppression" system that put the fire out. As Gothamist has said before, buy your own MetroCard - no swipes for you!
Do such things happen in D.C.? The Oculus believes that such skells have been known to pop-up from time to time at Union Station. Is there anyone out there who can confirm that "skells" work their craft on metrorail?

Can "skell" be used as a verb?


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