Thursday, July 15, 2004

FOXHALL VILLAGE: Alert! Hide the Children! Genghis Khan Drives With Virginia Plates!

People in Foxhall Village are up in arms over the permit granted to a group of Mongolians from across the river to use the Hardy Park and Recreation Center for a picnic last Sunday. Apparently, like Genghis Khan, the Mongols made a mess.

From the Foxhall Citizens Association:
Upon enquiry, they had a permit issued by DC Parks & Rec. Headquarters, but there was not a DC staff member on duty - which would have helped, since trash they produced overwhelmed the capacity of the containers, provided for much smaller crowds. Why is DC issuing permits to groups that pay no DC taxes? Were there no parks in Fairfax County that would take them?

The Oculus recommends looking at the Foxhall Citizens' Association photo gallery of what they call the "Mongolian Hordes! (from Virginia)." Some of the Mongols are even playing basketball.

"Mongolian Hordes! (from Virginia)" [Foxhall Citizens' Association]


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