Thursday, July 15, 2004

ANIMAL WORLD: Call About Dead Dog Leads to Stuffed Animal, then to Neglected Dog

The Washington Post's Animal Report mentions the case of a brindle American bulldog on 26th Street Northeast. But it all started out with a stuffed animal mistaken for a dead dog.

From The Washington Post:
Responding to call about a dead dog in the back yard of a home where only a teenager lived, a Humane Society officer found not a dead pet, but a stuffed toy animal. A dog, however, could be heard barking indoors. The officer left a notice on the door of the home. When no response was received, she paid a follow-up visit and found a brindle American bulldog in the back yard, which was filled with junk and waist-high grass. The dog was being held at the society shelter. An investigation was continuing.

"Brindle Bulldog Seized" [The Washington Post]


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