Thursday, July 15, 2004

MEDIA: The BBC's Prime Real Estate?

Fox News has the Hall of States. CNN has their Union Station-area roof top. ABC has the top of the Chamber of Commerce building (along with many other news organizations.) Each has a prime view of either the Capitol or the White House for their live shots.
But watching the BBC, their Pennsylvania Avenue live shot is just beautiful. It trumps any news organization in town. It even avoids the ugly crane used for Capitol Visitor Center construction that CNN has difficulty avoiding.
So where is the BBC's Washington news room? You might think from the angle, that it's from the top of the Canadian Embassy. (An older live shot made it look like it was back at the Market Square/Navy Memorial area.)
Nope. According to a Scandinavian media source, the BBC's D.C. studios are back in the West End, more specifically M Street near the European Union's American mission. The "live" shot, made to look like a window over Katty Kay's shoulder, was taken with a simple television camera from a prime Pennsylvania Avenue perch looking toward the Capitol.
Their opposite camera shot, which they use when they interview guests, has a seemingly correct opposite vantage point, with the Old Post Office Pavilion in the background.
The BBC's D.C. address is 2030 M St. NW


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