Wednesday, July 28, 2004

BURLEITH: Could It Be Crafting Its Own Niche?

It seems that Burleith, that unassuming neighborhood often mistakenly called "Upper Georgetown" is developing a bit of its own commercial identity. The business strip of Wisconsin Avenue between R Street and the Social Safeway has gained a new restaurant, the Curry Club, which one local food reviewer tells the Oculus could become quite popular.

The executive chef, Chris Payton, learned how to cook curry when his wife, Princess Parule (who started BBC America six years ago) was pregnant.

With Bistro Lepic and Cafe Divan (and Cafe Divan's new bar set to open this fall), Burleith could be developing some destination establishments. While Georgetown's name imperialism goes as far up as Calvert Street, it seems that Burleith could be getting a little more name recognition of its own and the border of Georgetown may be rightfully set at R Street.


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