Sunday, July 25, 2004

DUPONT CIRCLE: Once Shabby Iraqi Embassy Now Making Neighbors Happy

The Washington Post reports on the newly revamped Iraqi Embassy on P Street just east of Dupont Circle. Long abandoned, the mothballed building became a neighborhood annoyance over the past decade. But the building has new life in it, but still has its issues.

From The Washington Post:
As if in empathy with its supervisors in Baghdad, the embassy still suffers sporadic electrical outages. While its neighbors entertain in splendor, its water pipes are corroded, its electric lines frayed, its phones on the fritz. Iraq's top envoy in the United States can call out, but the public is lucky to reach a human being on one of the two working lines in the building.

The embassy is housed in the historic Boardman House, an 1890 mansion built in the Richardsonian Romanesque style.

This winter, a source in the State Department told me that the Boardman House had rat problems, in fact, it was fully infested with them. Hopefully, that problem has been taken care of.

"Iraq Also Rebuilds Its Embassy" [The Washington Post]


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