Thursday, July 22, 2004

GEORGETOWN: Hometown Ticket, Part III

It seems that Georgetown's two most notable politicians of the 2004 election cycle, Sens. John Kerry and John Edwards, are making more waves locally over matters that seem odd: color scheme and trolley tracks.

The Northwest Current reports that Sen. Edwards has "chosen to update his home with a green-and-yellow color scheme."

Georgetown realtor Nancy Taylor Bubes tells the paper that Edwards' P Street home has "more of a Southern look" and the new color scheme "is not the classic Georgetown color scheme."

The Oculus wonders what the "classic Georgetown color scheme" is: brick?

Mark Fisher, in today's The Washington Post writes about the heated controversy dividing much of Georgetown these days: whether or not the District should defy a decades-old federal court order that declared that the historic Route 20 streetcar tracks on O and P streets be preserved forever. Sick and tired of a bumpy ride, some want the tracks ripped up and paved over; others want them preserved for nostalgia's sake.

From The Washington Post's Mark Fisher:
This being Georgetown, the two sides of the debate include diplomats and corporate chieftains, socialites and politicians. One resident went so far as to ring up the campaign offices of John F. Kerry, who lives on O Street, and John Edwards, who lives on P Street, to put the Democratic ticket on the record on the tracks issue. The resident was shocked to be told that the two senators had opposite positions on the question.

Luckily, another senator, Max Baucus of Montana, was at the meeting. He was asked to explain the discord between Kerry and Edwards.

Baucus rose slowly and said, "There's a simple explanation." He paused to think of one. "They complement each other."

Does this mean that the contentious streetcar track issue will divide the Democratic convention platform committee?

"D.C. Wants To Pave Over A Bit of History" [The Washington Post]


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