Wednesday, July 21, 2004

WEEKEND: The Great 90-30 Pub Crawl

The Oculus is hosting a cross-city pub crawl Saturday evening. While the goal is of course a good time, the real mission involved is getting from each of the four stops, which will avoid crossing into Zone 1 of D.C.'s gerrymandered Byzantine cabzone system. We will take the bus, specifically routes 90 and 30.

Think of it as part-urban challenge and part-flashmob. Depending on who shows up, we'll walk into a bar, have a drink or two, and then in an instant, leave for the next stop. There are four stops, which means that each place will be enjoyed (or loathed) for approximately an hour. The organizer appreciates those coming from New York and New Jersey for the challenge.

The bars/clubs selected represent a broad range in what D.C. has to offer ... an Irish bar, an up-and-coming music lounge, an Upper Northwest twentysomething yuppie watering hole, and an under-the-Whitehurst Freeway joint where you can get into a fight with Marines on leave from Quantico if you so please. You will need $1.25 for the bus. Maps will be provided at stop No. 1. There are no prizes for finishing the route, just the satisfaction of knowing you've done something probably no sane person has ever completed.

But you can join up along the way if you want. Stop No. 1 (at 8 p.m.) is near Eastern Market. Stop No. 2 (around 10 p.m.) will be near the 9:30 Club. Stop No. 3 (around 12:30 a.m.) is in Glover Park. Stop No. 4 (around 1:30 a.m.) is in Georgetown.

If you would like more information, please e-mail me at: oculus [at] fastmail [dot] fm


At 5:54 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oooh, can I guess?

1. Finn MacCool's
2. DC9
3. Bourbon
4. Chadwick's.

How'd I do?

At 6:03 PM, Blogger Michael said...

Bingo. Great deductive skills.

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