Monday, July 26, 2004

COMMUTING: WMATA to Look at Trash, Ceiling Stability

The Associated Press reports that the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority is taking a look at two problems: vandalism/trashed buses and collapsing ceilings.

On the trashed-bus problem, WMATA says there has been a 20-percent increase in bus trash and graffiti. One of the problems is that WMATA has a hard time retaining cleaning staff (... a 118-percent turnover rate). The agency is re-evaluating its cleaning strategy.

As you probably remember, part of the Farragut North metrorail station ceiling collapsed earlier this month. Nobody was hurt, but one of the exits to L Street was closed for repairs.

WMATA "will now closely examine" ceiling anchors, instead of having inspectors looking for "obvious signs" of ceiling damage. ... How comforting.

"More Trash and Graffiti on Metrobuses" [AP via WTOP]

"Metro Promises Better Inspections of Station Ceilings" [AP via WTOP]


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