Tuesday, June 22, 2004

L'ENFANT PLAZA: Children's New Play Plaza

Dana Hedgpeth of The Washington Post has an interesting article on how the Capital Children's Museum was able to make the planets align to score a prime piece of real estate adjacent to the normally drab L'Enfant Plaza. After considering a spot on the Southwest Waterfront, a quick succession of pushes from public and private forces secured the L'Enfant Plaza site.

From the Post's Dana Hedgpeth:
The museum's search ended this spring after it agreed to move to L'Enfant Plaza -- a broad, open rectangle enclosed by large, drab government buildings, a relic of the 1960s urban renewal projects that swept through Southwest. It is only a few blocks from the popular National Mall, but it is familiar mostly to the bureaucrats who work there.

More information:
"Children's Museum Lines Up a Better Place to Play" [The Washington Post]
"L'Enfant Plaza: Can Children Save It? [Oculus]


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