Tuesday, June 22, 2004

ADAMS MORGAN: Too Close for Comfort at the Angry Inch

Bouncers are supposed to be tough. But are they supposed to hit your girlfriend?

That question came to mind early Sunday morning when I was out with friends walking the 18th Street strip in search of food. The 3 a.m. crowd had packed all three pizza slice emporiums, so I had to settle for Julia's Empanadas next to the Angry Inch.

The crew I was with was nearly mowed down by a bar fight that spilled out onto the street. While I was waiting for food, this is what happened, according to my crew. Drunken twentysomething male pisses off bouncer for undetermined reason. Bouncer forces subject to leave establishment. Egos high. Tempers flare. Fracas ensues. Punches are thrown. My crew on the sidewalk narrowly misses being hit. Drunken girlfriend tries to stop bouncer. Bouncer hits girlfriend. Shock and then a shrill shriek is heard. Bloodied subject retreats from skirmish and is seen nursing his wounds down past the Left Bank in a very pained state.

Rule of thumb learned: Don't get drunk at the Angry Inch.


At 4:23 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yet another reason to hate that awful, awful bar.



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