Friday, June 18, 2004

MUSIC: Franz Ferdinand at 9:30

In case you were interested in seeing Franz Ferdinand at the 9:30 Club on Sunday, the show is sold out. But more interesting is the speculation as to what kind of reception the come-out-nowhere band from Scotland will get in the District. According to Gawker, many spectators at Franz Ferdinand performance at the Union Square Virgin store were in the mindset that the band was just the latest flavor of the month about to go stale. In fact, Gawker says: "Anyway, it looked pretty over on Tuesday when I walked into the Union Square Virgin store and people were watching their in-store appearance as if a perhaps exciting but also rather ugly albino cockroach had suddenly crawled onto their dinner plates."

We'll see what the reviews are next week.

"Franz Ferdinand: Not Quite Over Yet" [Gawker]


At 3:25 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I went and I thought the crowd was actually giving the band a pretty good energy, even if by and large they were too cool to dance. Surely the impulse to dance was there however and they were just repressing their desires because it was an amazing show. I was surprised to see how young (read: newly minted driver's licenses) the crowd skewed. Here's hoping for more Franz Ferdinand shows in DC!


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