Thursday, June 17, 2004

DRINKING: Onward to Tequila Grill, Hawk 'n' Dove! Odds, R.I.P.

Swamp City and DC SOB have written about today's Washington Post's article on how the District can do little to enforce underage drinking regulations. I cannot add anything of substance to the discourse on underage drinking in the District, except from my own experiences as a lowly intern during the rainy summer of 2000. While I turned 21 that summer, I remember my underage friends getting into places like Tequila Grill and the Hawk 'n' Dove with ease. The Oculus remembers the frat-like Odds sports bar near 20th and M street in the West End. Odds, where passed-out 19 year-old girls were commonplace and I was given dirty looks for ordering a Newcastle -- fortunately shut its doors sometime ago. But ahh the memories.

An Update: Memories of Odds from an Oculus reader.
I remember Odds when I was 19, my 1st summer back from college ... I went with several other of my underage co-workers and we stood on the outside "patio" pounding 25 cent pitchers of god-knows-what kind of beer while the bouncers just made sure everyone had paid the cover. ... I became so intoxicated that when I got back to Bethesda I simply peed in a bush and walked to the sidewalk and promptly lay face down on the concrete until my friends [dragged] me home. Ahhhh...sniffle...I miss the good times :)


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