Wednesday, June 16, 2004

SECRET LOCATIONS: Cheney's Dumbarton Oaks Escape Hatch?

Drudge and others reported on the controversy surrounding a Time magazine disclosure of Vice President Cheney's secret bunker, located on the Maryland/Pennsylvania border near Camp David.

While there has been much speculation about Cheney's "undisclosed location" outside Washington, don't forget about the so-called secret bunker at the Observatory Circle residence. Residents in Observatory Circle area have been living with constant, but well-hidden construction, behind a fence near where Calvert Street meets Observatory Circle.

But what about the S Street trench? Local cabbies have complained that their mobile phone service cuts out when they take the S Street shortcut to Wisconsin Avenue from R Street. The reason they claim? Some say it has to do with the vice president's house. The now-covered trench on the north side of S Street that starts on the property of the Dumbarton Oaks Museum and makes a beeline north toward the vice president's house in the vicinity of the D.C. Boys and Girls Club behind the Social Safeway has raised the eyebrows of those who pass through the area. When I heard of the cabbies' phone troubles, that sparked a bit of suspicion and has caused me and others to speculate. First: Why was it so huge? It could, after all, accommodate a vehicle the size of a golf cart. Second: Why does it make a beeline toward the vice president's house? It's now covered and all but forgotten.

The signs on S Street indicate that the project is for drainage. Which could very well be true. The trench, if it continues on its beeline toward Observatory Circle, would have to tunnel beneath the Dumbarton Oaks-Whitehaven greenbelt, which, while not impossible, would be a large engineering project.

At the Calvert Street construction site, the Oculus has seen vehicles and trailers for Clark Construction, the large engineering outfit, and M.C. Dean Building Intelligence of Chantilly, Va. Green tarps and a giant construction barn mask what is really going on, but it is assumed by the neighborhood the site is the vice president's "nuclear bunker." Who knows, anything is possible (maybe it is for square dancing) ...

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