Tuesday, June 22, 2004

ANIMAL REPORT: Cicadas Are Gone, But Bring Rats in Their Wake

My comrade over at The Durham Bull pointed me to an amusing Washington Times report I missed from Saturday about an increase in rats in the post-Brood X world. That's right, with cicadas, come rats. (And, dear lord, the rats are increasing in Montgomery and Fairfax counties ... where such creatures are not supposed to be seen.)

According to Montgomery County environmental specialist Stephen Haynes, it is all very much surprising. "I've been working here for 16-plus years, and we're getting [rats] in places we've never gotten before," Mr. Haynes told the Times. "The only thing we can attribute it to is the cicada population."

More information:
"Cicadas are gone, but now oh, rats!" [The Washington Times]


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