Wednesday, June 23, 2004

COMMUTING: And You Thought I Was Tough on People's Commuting Habits

Gothamist has an an interesting post about a Village Voice article that details how a 23-year-old woman wound up in jail for 30 hours after leaning on the pole of an B train in New York.

In Gothamist's comments section, there were many responses on how the woman deserved to be arrested. People have low tolerance for bad commuters and when they find one to target all their combined transit anger at, it isn't pretty. (Count me in the group that gets easily agitated with bad commuters.)

From Brian:
Her first mistake was giving up her seat to the old Chinese lady. Anyone who's ever had the misfortune of experiencing the Canal St./6 stop knows old Chinese ladies are THE WORST subway riders ever -- pushy, predatory, and unwilling/unable to communicate with their victims in English. Plus more often than not they let their wheelie cart (or ubiquitous plastic bag collection) do the dirty work.

"The Dangers of Leaning on a Subway Pole" [Gothamist]


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