Wednesday, March 22, 2006

SPRING: Tortured Frogs and Turtles

DON'T BE TRICKED BY THE COLORS in this photo. They are real. I snapped this photo last April while on a road trip through Indiana. I was hiking with some friends in the beautiful hills outside Bloomington, near the famed limestone quarries. A storm was approaching ahead, but it was sunny in the foreground as the trees and bushes were beginning to bloom. Our odd weather in the Washington area as of late (wasn't it supposed to snow last night?) got me thinking back to last year's transitionary weather in Indiana. As Grace's Poppies wrote on Tuesday:
Moody and unpredictable, proudly displaying her mean streak, spring is here. ... It reminds me of malicious little kids who torture frogs and turtles when they're bored.
If only our local weather authorities could learn to better interpret spring's mood swings. They can't be regulated by medicine, no matter how hard we try. Can there be natural beauty in torturing frogs and turtles?


At 9:58 PM, Blogger QED said...

that is an amazing photograph.


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