Wednesday, March 22, 2006

INTERNET: I'm Giving the Bus a Bad Name

I LOOKED AT MY BLOG'S SITE METER and discovered that some inquiring mind had stumbled across The Washington Oculus while Googling for "tips for traveling on intercity buses in the us." Who ever that person was, they read my post from this past December when my travel plans to visit my parents back in Michigan got botched. (I had wanted to take my time getting to the Midwest, so I had planned on taking a leisurely overnight Amtrak train to Chicago. But due to a computer glitch, my seat on the sold-out Capital Limited wasn't secure, so I was forced to take Greyhound.)

That was perhaps the most hellish trip I've been on ever since being seasick on an overloaded ferry between Santorini and Mykynos during very, very rough seas on the Aegean. So if you have time to waste and want to know what it's like being stuck in the Pittsburgh bus terminal at well past 3 a.m., do read my account. To the poor soul trying to figure out how to travel in the U.S. by intercity bus, good luck.
>> "Intercity Travel Tips" [The Washington Oculus]


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