Monday, December 19, 2005

BLOGGING: Changing of the Guard at DCist

I JUST WANTED TO SEND a quick note of congratulations to Ryan Avent and Martin Austermuhle, the new co-editors at DCist. It's amazing to think how large the site has grown since summer 2004 when Rob Goodspeed and I launched it. Since then, most of the original core staff has moved on to other chapters in their lives, and fresh blood has moved in to replace them. (Ryan started as a sometimes-annoying commenter. When Martin started, he quickly relieved some of the news blogging pressure off of me, churning out posts in rapid succession, like a good efficient Swiss native should.) What great memories. More so than my college paper, which I though would be tough to beat.

The DCist editorship is truly a wonderful -- albeit frustrating at times -- experience. So I hope Ryan and Martin think big and continue to build and develop one of the most important pieces of public infrastructure in the nation's capital.

To Rob, who will be starting a new job in the new year, he has been a close friend and blogging comrade. Congrats on joining the DCist alumni club. This fall, I celebrated my three-year anniversary of entering the blogging world. Rob has been blogging since 2001 and introduced me, and so many others with ties to Ann Arbor to blogging.

Congrats to everyone.


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