Tuesday, September 27, 2005

DAILY MUESLI: Horatio Nelson's Dirty Laundry

Good morning.

1.) From Curbed and Gothamist, I was pointed to the blog of Gothamist's weather blogger, Joe Shumacher, who discovered that on Weehawken Street -- perhaps the shortest street in Manhattan -- there are numerous signs warning potential street urinators to do their business elsewhere. While having an oversaturation of public urination signs is indeed odd, I still have to say the child-oriented peanut allergy warnings at the Five Guys in Georgetown are somewhat more awkward. I was never aware that Georgetown children were allowed to eat off the sidewalk.

2.) Something tells me that Roosevelt Island (D.C.'s, not New York's) was never in any real danger of being developed into condos. But the list of potential parcels of national parkland to sell off -- developed by the House Resources Committee for the Congressional Budget Office -- is interesting nonetheless. Kudos to DCist for initially uncovering the story. But go to The Washington Post for some clarity on the political reality of the situation.

One question I still have: I believe that Roosevelt Island is technically within the boundaries of the District of Columbia, much like Columbia Island on the Virginia side of the Potomac. So while all the access is from Virginia, it falls within the boundaries of D.C.

3.) Amanda has some good tips food-wise if you're new the area. I have always loved Well Dressed Burrito since when I used to work on Jefferson Place. But during my last visit, my burrito was slightly lukewarm. But that will not deter me from going there in the future.

4.) Remind me sometime soon to save an old t-shirt of mine, beat the French in a modern-day equivalent of the Battle of Trafalgar, stitch a "G" into one of them, find eternal life and auction said t-shirt for $500,000-$900,000 around the year 2210.

--Photo of peanut allergy sign taken by yours truly for a 2004 DCist post.
-- Photo of Horatio Nelson from the Royal Observatory at Greenwich.


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