Thursday, June 24, 2004

COMMUTING: Bus Havoc on the 42s

As I was waiting for a D2 bus at the corner of Q Street and Connecticut Avenue after lunch, I noticed that there were bunches of 42 buses traveling uptown, and a number of 42s sitting at 20th Street and Connecticut.

I overheard a handful of bus drivers standing on the corner saying that construction in the vicinity of H and 15th streets (near the Kerry headquarters) was backing up traffic and throwing all the buses in the area off schedule.

"I don't know how he made it through," one bus driver told another of a 42 bus that somehow charged through the mess to remain on schedule. The drivers started laughing. It's always great to know they care for us commuters.

So watch out if you use the 42 or the 30s or anyother bus in the vicinity of the White House this afternoon. They may get so off schedule that they may actually be on schedule.


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