Tuesday, May 25, 2004

LOVE IN GEORGETOWN: Columnist Laments Perils of Soulmate Search

The Georgetowner's "Sex & the Village" columnist Kitty Tyler writes in the current issue about finding true love in the capital city. While she doesn't reference herself, she does talk about a "friend."

From The Georgetowner:
It’s like finding a needle in a haystack and sometimes, the haystack seems infinite.

I think we are all guilty of stalking the "Single’s Safeway" and hunt hopelessly among a crowd of Capitol Hill suits wishing that one turns out to be the end to it all. It’s not that being wild and single isn’t a good time, it’s just the mystique of the "soulmate" that draws curious hearts out on the weekends in search of that one person that will complete the whole.

But apparently, finding a soulmate in the capital can be a fruitless pursuit.

She explained that she had been doing some thinking and was convinced that she had several soulmates - her mother, her sister, her chocolate lab, Abigail and her best friend from college. To her, all of these people were soulmates because without them, she would be missing irreplaceable pieces of her self.

Instead of allowing herself to be engulfed in self-pity on a daily basis, she now walks Abigail along the Potomac, or calls her mother for lunch whenever her soul begins feeling empty.

So here's the D.C. dating scene boiled down: It lacks a soul and therefore lacks soulmates. So if you aren't successful, get a dog and call your mother for lunch.


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