Tuesday, May 25, 2004

CICADA CACOPHONY: Music to Your Ears

The Washington Times assures us this morning that despite the complaining of some, the buzzing of the billions of cicadas isn't that loud.

From The Washington Times:
"Unless you're an extreme outdoorsman or bird-watcher, it's not going to affect you," said Dr. Ednan Mushtaq, a McLean-based ear, nose and throat doctor. He added with a chuckle: "We've heard some general complaints, but we haven't treated anyone for cicada hearing loss."

I have to say that the "War of the Worlds"-like buzzing has been more interesting than annoying. And it can be a benefit if you find yourself listening to live music out in the woods. The party I was at late Saturday night featured two guitarists and a violinist from the French Embassy playing cafe music -- including a novel rendition of the "Inspector Gadget" theme music -- well past 4 a.m. The venue was a terrace overlooking a secluded ravine in North Arlington.

"The cicadas," which were humming along by the thousands in all the trees around us, "will be loving this music. They will be in the mood," said a French Embassy intern. "There will twice as many cicadas here 17 years from now." (A few cicadas found themselves trying to climb in empty Heineken and Corona bottles that littered the terrace.)

While it is not known whether cicadas actually like French cafe tunes, they do seem to like pulsating dance music. The bugs flocked to the sliding glass door that led inside to the dance floor, with even a few of the creatures figuring out a way to fly inside the house.


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