Wednesday, February 15, 2006

VACATION: Will Be Hiding Out Near Gramercy Park

BECAUSE OF A FEAR OF QUAIL HUNTERS in the general vicinity of Rock Creek Park near my apartment, I will be leaving Washington, D.C., for the next five days. I will be taking shelter in the brush, somewhere near Gramercy Park, on the island of Manhattan in the state of New York.

Although my agenda is not set exactly, part of it will involve relaxing in a swimming pool, eating Uygur food in Brighton Beach (perhaps at this place), reading a real book (written on tangible paper products, not accessible on a screen), and investigating the Balducci's flagship store at Eighth Avenue and 14th Street (to see how it is architecturally integrated with its home, the old New York Savings Bank building. I would hope they have some good cheese samples. I might also ride the B61 bus to Van Brunt Street, Brooklyn.

Depending on how I feel, I may or may not update The Washington Oculus while I'm on the road. Don't miss me too much while I'm away.

ALSO: The Heurich House got a 30-day extension to raise the $250,000. Which is good news. Also, thanks to The Washington Post's Marc Fisher to linking to my blog on Tuesday about the Heurich House on his Post blog, Raw Fisher.


At 1:32 PM, Blogger Mel said...

I was in nyc for the last 3 day weekend and checked out the Balducci's on 14th. I can't say much about the architecture, but the food selection was amazing, which made up for slow cashiers.

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