Wednesday, November 16, 2005

WOODLEY PARK: Open City Is Open

I SWUNG THROUGH OPEN CITY last night after work for dinner and I can report that it is indeed open for business. It's not fair to judge a place on opening night, so I'd be hesitant to throw out my thoughts on the place right now. (But ... I had a Cubano sandwich, which was good. The homemade chips were also quite good. And the beer list had a good mix of drafts and bottles at reasonable prices.) But as I've said before, Woodley Park needs a place like this. I think I may go grab breakfast there in a bit to see what the AM crowd is like. Have a good morning.

"ODDS 'N ENDS: Ruins of Fasika's, Open City's Almost Open to the City and Preservation Battles" [The Washington Oculus]


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