Friday, November 18, 2005

ODDS 'N ENDS: New Diversion

AS TOM LEE OF DCIST SUGGESTS this morning, we should all take the next few months off from work because it's cold out. Yes, it may be 43 degrees out, but from this cold-weather hardened blogger, I say 43 degrees is warm. To all those who complain about the weather, just to complain about the weather, I say you all are weak. Go enjoy your day, the sun is out, so go be happy.

BUT IF YOU MUST REMAIN INDOORS and like geography and plotting things on maps, then head on over to Bless the Google mapping technology for this is wonderful.

Look ... I plotted out the D2 bus route. You can tag things, put notes in, etc. Think of all the other great tools wayfaring can be used for. There's a possibility I may end up playing around with this all day.

>> "Morning Roundup: Is It Spring Yet Edition" [DCist]
>> "D2-Dupont Circle-Glover Park Line" [Wayfaring]


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