Wednesday, June 09, 2004

TELEVISION: Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil or Just Plain-Old Dupont Circle?

While it is well known that Comedy Central's "Daily Show" has mastered the art of the fake news live shot, you have to wonder what was going through their minds with Wednesday night's "live shot."

Steven Colbert, as the show's "senior summit analyst" was doing a fake live shot from Savannah, Ga., covering the G-8 summit on the sort-of-nearby and secluded Sea Island. Colbert was supposed to be in Savannah in what appeared to be a non-descript strip of older commercial buildings. Could it have been Savannah's 19th century-era Bay Street? Maybe it was the Cotton Exchange?

Nope. Colbert was standing in front of Dupont Circle's Kramer Books. He was exactly at Q Street and Connecticut Avenue above the Dupont Circle underpass.

While the show's host, Jon Stewart, will often quietly snicker at the ridiculousness of the fake live shot, his comment about "Savannah" was interesting. After hearing what was actually a car shooting through the underpass at Henri Paul-like speeds, Stewart commented on the sound of the "ocean."


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