Monday, June 07, 2004

THE PALISADES: Rove Perhaps Picking Convenience Over Quality for Dry Cleaning

The Oculus has learned that one of President Bush's top advisers, Karl Rove, has his shirts cleaned at an unassuming dry cleaners at the corner of MacArthur Boulevard and Cathedral Avenue on the western edge of the Palisades, down the hill from his home in the Kent section of the upper Palisades.

It used to be a gas station way back in the day, but today, all it says is: "Cleaners."

While Rove may be the White House's top political strategists, is his pick in dry cleaners a smart move? The Oculus once had his shirts cleaned at the Rove dry cleaner and was not satisfied with the level of service. (But looking back on the situation, the place is much better than Georgetown Valet, which seems to place profit over customer service in regard to shirt care ... the crew there lost two of my shirts and only would offer me replacement shirts from the lost and found pile.)

While Rove apparently was picking up his dry cleaning last week with his teenage son, one thing remains unclear. Does he ask for light starch?


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